Talgo Math nurtures students and helps them realise their full academic potential. Hear from some of our students and their parents as they share their success stories with Talgo Education.

Savindri was my tutor for the duration of my Edexcel A-Level maths course. She was extremely knowledgeable and provided fantastic coaching throughout. At a time when my motivation and self-confidence were at an all-time low because I’d just transitioned to remote learning, Savindri went out of her way to get me back on my feet. She was extremely accommodating, scheduling extra lessons to catch up on work that I’d missed, and was flexible with her schedule so I could have classes at times that would suit me best. She was extremely patient and ensured that I had a good grasp of each topic before moving on. I am extremely grateful for her assistance and I wholeheartedly recommend her services!

Zara Kulatunga, Student

Savindri tutored both my sons in Further Maths for Edexcel IGCSEs, and my younger son continues to receive tuition for A/L Maths. She has always been an amazing tutor. Savindri is patient, calm, assertive and - most importantly - extremely reliable. As a tutor, she understands that students need a lot of individual attention and she’ll try her best to accommodate their schedules, making herself available at almost any hour of the day. She has even had a 6 a.m. class for my son, which was the time he most preferred! Savindri makes an effort to understand the student she is working with, in order to bring out their strengths and teach them mathematics in a way that is relatable and engaging to them. She was particularly kind and accommodating during the lockdown, transitioning seamlessly to regular online classes, which brought some form of familiarity and normalcy to my kids' lives. Savindri is extremely intelligent and I fully endorse her tutoring services!

Marie Saleem, Parent

I can wholeheartedly recommend Miss Savindri for IGCSE Math tuition. My son was a bit behind when he started with her, and with her guidance, he managed to receive an A* grade. She's very friendly, approachable, and always willing to communicate with parents. Miss Savindri is a star teacher! Her enthusiasm is contagious. Her teaching style lets learners at any age learn in a relaxed and fun environment. She is a wonderful, warm, and friendly teacher. She can and will help you improve your mathematics in a fun and helpful way.

Jessica Perera, Parent

Miss Savindri is a star teacher. Her enthusiasm is contagious! Her teaching style let's learners at any age learn in a relaxed and fun environment. She is a wonderful, warm, and friendly teacher. She can and will help you improve your Mathematics and in a fun and very practical way.

Shamindra , University of London international programmes student, Class of 2020

Ms. Savindri Talgodapitiya has taught my daughter mathematics for four years. She has proved to be an excellent teacher, and has made the subject interesting and engaging. The use of digital facilities such as Scribblar, has enabled effective support, including visual aid. My daughter’s grades have improved considerably since she started mathematics lessons with Savindri. I have no reservations in recommending her to anyone who is looking for a competent and skilled mathematics teacher.

A parent based in Geneva, Switzerland (IGCSE/IB curriculum)