10 Essential IGCSE Math Skills To Master

10 Essential IGCSE Math Skills To Master

10 Essential IGCSE Math Skills To Master
Talgo Math February 28, 2023

Kids who don’t enjoy math will find that math can get more confusing with each IGCSE lesson, so they usually feel overwhelmed and stressed leading up to the exam.
If your child has mastered the fundamentals of mathematics from primary to middle school, there’s no reason to fear their IGCSE years. With the right teacher, they’ll blaze through their exams and have fun with math.
But how do you tell if your child has grasped the basic math skills they’ll need for their IGCSEs? Based on Talgo’s experience coaching IGCSE students over the last ten years, we’ve created this checklist of ten essential math skills every child should know, like the back of their hand, by the time they start O/Ls!
And if you’re unsure, check if your child can confidently answer some of the practice examples we’ve used.

So does your child have what it takes?

If your child isn’t fully aware or confident of working with these concepts, it’s never too early to look for extra help and prepare them for the IGCSEs! A firm grasp of these fundamentals is the best way to ensure success in the math IGCSE exam.
Talgo provides one-on-one and group tuition online and in Singapore. If your child struggles with math basics, we are here to help! Schedule a class with us now by contacting savi@talgomath.com.

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