What is Ed-tech, and How can my Child Benefit from it?

What is Ed-tech, and How can my Child Benefit from it?

What is Ed-tech, and How can my Child Benefit from it?
Talgo Math November 1, 2022

Parents, think back to your time in high school. Does a desk scattered with pens and papers and a teacher standing in front of a blackboard come to mind?

Today’s classrooms are nothing like that!

Today, tablets and Kindles have replaced pens and paper, and Teams and Zoom have become students’ new-age classrooms. Children nowadays learn, collaborate, research, and take exams all online.

This transition to online learning is made possible by what the education industry calls ‘Edtech.’

This blog post will answer some common questions parents have about ed-tech. Like, what is it? Does ed-tech actually help students learn better? And most importantly, is it healthier for children if they forgo ed-tech and stick to pen-and-paper learning?

We’ll answer these questions and bust some common ed-tech myths along the way!

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So what is ed-tech?

Education technology (or ed-tech for short) is the practice of introducing information and communication technology tools into a student’s education to create more engaging, inclusive and individualised learning experiences.

Technology these days is astounding. So ed-tech tools can appear in various forms in your child’s lessons!

  • Laptops, tablets, and Kindles – In a way, the pandemic forced us to get familiar with some of these ed-tech devices which help children access online learning! Think of these devices as gateways into your child’s new-age classrooms. They’re necessary to access online education.
  • Online classrooms – Online classrooms (such as Google Classroom) come equipped with video conferencing apps, a centralised learning and communication database, and personal student accounts!
  • Gamified learning activities include educational apps, websites, and games that can make lessons more fun and engaging for your child! A famous example is Kahoot, a fun and colourful quiz game where students can answer online.
  • Virtual reality lessons – In some technologically advanced classrooms, teachers project images onto screens, and students wear goggles so that the images appear in 3D. This technique has become quite popular for history lessons so kids can visualise important buildings and artefacts!

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Will my child benefit from ed-tech?

Yes! Edtech has been proven to show numerous benefits for children.

  • Fun, engaging lessons – Edtech makes learning fun! As we mentioned earlier, an essential feature of ed-tech is gamified learning activities. Students wake up each morning excited to start learning and can enjoy their subjects more!
  • 24/7 access to learning – Learning used to be restricted to the classroom – if you missed a class, you missed a lesson. Now, students can access prerecorded video content and PDFs of class notes, which help them learn better and more flexibly!
  • Increased collaboration – Cloud-based software enables students to share notes and discuss subjects online (usually in teacher-moderated forums). This feature benefits introverted children, who are usually hesitant to speak up in the classroom and may feel left out of class discussions.

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More importantly – ed-tech is usually necessary for a student in the 21st century. To be prepared for the fast-paced global world, children need experience with modern technology. In fact, McKinsey data found that students in schools with sufficient technology devices performed better than those without access to technology and high-speed internet.

Of course, please note that ed-tech is more common in developed countries. It may only be necessary for some areas and schools. If your child doesn’t have access to ed-tech, there are still ways for them to learn without being excluded.

However, there is no reason to intentionally deprive a child of ed-tech. Safety features can be enabled on their devices if you’re worried about your child’s privacy or internet use.

The best math-based ed-tech apps for school children!

Here are some fun and popular math-based ed-tech apps you can introduce to your child!

  • Number Run – This is an ed-tech app developed by graduate students at Stanford University and the University of Southern California! Number Run helps kids from age six onwards master math drills by playing a fun, 52-level game.
  • Countingwell – Countingwell designed daily 20-minute ‘maths workouts’ for children. The micro-learning modules keep students focused and maintain their interest level throughout!
  • BBC Education – BBC Teach has thousands of free, short curriculum-linked video resources (including math videos!) designed for children from five to 16 years. GCSE quizzes are also available on the site!

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Learning online with Talgo!

At Talgo, we recognise the importance of keeping your child engaged and attentive throughout our lessons, whether they are in-person or online.

All individual and group tuition classes can be delivered online using ed-tech software. In addition, university students can access their pre-recorded lectures online 24/7.

Parents, embrace ed-tech and virtual learning with Talgo today! Invest in your child, and don’t let them be left behind.

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